Corporate European Hunts

Colpic hayride to hunting grounds
If you want to stand out from the regular crowd with a client, a potential client, or a group of clients and you want to develop and deepen your relationshipwith them, there’s only a few things you can do that will “WOW” them and “Knock Their Socks Off.” Everyone does the typical golf outings and you can’t stand apart from the crowd with the usual golfing trip unless maybe you take them to the Masters.

If you truly want to make an impression and provide a great experience for your current clients; If you want to impress potential clients to bring you closer to “closing the deal,” then by far your best decision is to bring them to Brushy Creek Farmsfor a corporate hunt. You have several options with us. You can bring your guests and enjoy a hunting experience and deepen your bond with them. Or you can have a hunting experience coupled with a retreat. I know of many deals that have been hanging in the balance and then closed during these kinds of outings. The reason is that there is a relaxed atmosphere and an atmosphere of trust. Plus if potential clients see how you treat them before they do business with you they can only imagine the great experience they’ll have after they become involved.

This is not limited to just your clients. You can create an experience with a group of your employees. You can experience building a deeper relationship with them. Plus you can combine your hunt with a retreat and make it a productive working and learning experience. Often you’ll find great ideas created in this environment to grow your company. You could also combine a hunting trip with a retreat and team building exercise that is both productive and memorable.

Again as Mike Vance has stated, “The most effective time to be creative is when you’re in a relaxed environment.” And you’ll definitely experience that at Brushy Creeks Farms.

The day starts by meeting our staff around 9:00 AM. Warm up on the clay course. Afterwards, load up for the hay ride that will deliver you and your partner to your first station, where you will find gun holders, built in seats, cartridge holders, spent cartridge buckets-- everything you need for a comfortable hunt. A dog and dog handler will be at your station for retrieval of your game.

Once everyone is positioned and readied into their stations, birds will begin flying overhead. In the words of Teddy Roosevelt, “I'm not a good shot, but I shoot often." The first release begins when all guns are ready. Enjoying watching the dogs work and retrieve creates an exciting image; whether water retrieves, across creeks, through woods, or in open fields, you will absolutely love watching these dogs retrieve you game. When the firing has ceased, move with your partner to the next station and meet up with a new dog and dog handler. There will be more than 300 birds flying overhead during the course of the day. This gives you the opportunity to shoot at numerous birds. At half time you will break for homemade cookies and drinks.

Return via the hay trailer to the lodge for a wonderful, homemade meal. Have a beer or glass of wine and relax by the fire pit or hang out in the barn.
Our European style tower hunts consist of 12 stations for 24 hunters, 12 dog handlers, and the staff needed to give you a world class hunting experience.

Enjoy a wonderful meal, snacks and drinks, and take in the view of the beautiful Amish countryside.
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